#AllergiesBeLike | Reactine

  • Project: Reactine #AllergiesBeLike
  • Summary: Created over 40 original, illustrative GIFs to poke fun at the awful symptoms of having allergies. Worked with an animation house to ideate, draw and animate illustrations that formed into a season long campaign for Twitter and YouTube Pre-Roll.
  • Platform: Social (Twitter, YouTube Pre-Roll)
  • Role: Producer
  • Credits:
    • Art Director: Jake Bundock & Becky May
    • Copywriter: Simon Rogers & Jacquelyn Parent
    • Creative Director: Diego Bertagni
    • Animation Studio: Hornet Animation Inc.
  • Awards:
    • 2016 Canadian Marketing Association: Direct – Consumer Good General


03._Reactine__AllergiesBeLike__Mothers_Day__GIF_04.12.16 06._Reactine__AllergiesBeLike__Canada_Day__GIF_04.20.16

Reactine_AllergiesBeLike_Volcano_DanAndJason_150430_MASTER_GENERIC_GIF    Reactine_AllergiesBeLike_Godzilla_DanAndJason_150430_MASTER_GENERIC_GIF Reactine_AllergiesBeLike_Ghost_DanAndJason_150430_MASTER_GENERIC_GIF Reactine_AllergiesBeLike_Fans_DanAndJason_150430_MASTER_GENERIC_GIF