Capiche TV Pilot | University

  • Project: Capiche
  • Summary: During the final year at Ryerson University, 8 students worked together to create a TV sitcom from start to finish. Full pre to post production, with learnings for budgeting, timelines and creative storytelling.
  • Platform: TV Sitcom Pilot
  • Role: Multiple
    • Art Director
    • Prop & Wardrobe Stylist
    • Graphic Designer
  • Credits:
    • Director: Alexandra Middleton
    • Producer: Samantha Littlefield
    • Writers: Gavin Pounds & Nick Nemeroff
  • Extra: The basis of the sitcom – “Police have chosen Nick & Gavin to infiltrate the mob & gather intelligence. But if it’s intelligence the police want, they chose the wrong two idiots…”